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Welcome to the Expert's Niche

Brought to you by the McClarren Internet Volcano Observatory

This section is for the professional volcanologist who's looking for just a little more than basic science. Underdeveloped as it currently is, I hope to see this section swell through the coming months and years with your help. Unlike the rest of my site, I am welcoming...and requesting that professional scientists submit electronic copies of past and present papers regarding subjects surrounding the field of volcanology (ie, structure, seismic, gas, geochem, hydrothermal, rheology, mechanics, physics, remote sensing, etc..). If you have a paper you would like to see admitted to this section, contact me via email with an attached electronic copy either in pdf or html format. I will review it, if it has not already been published, to determine that you are not a crackpot or a hoaxer of some sort. If it meets these requirements and the standards of this website, it will be added to this page.

Analysis of MODIS Images from the November 03-05 Eruption of Reventador - Craig McClarren (Bs Geology, Michigan Tech)
A paper, submitted as a class assignment, comprising 300 hours of research and data grinding. Discussed is an analysis of MODIS images from the November, 2002, eruption of Reventador Volcano, in Ecuador. The eruption's magnitude makes this analysis a ground-breaking effort with unexpected results.