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The MIVO system is a free service offered by myself, a volcanologist currently on break (note: The similarly acronymned MVO, or Monstserrat Volcano Observatory, is not affiliated with this website). The McClarren Internet Volcano Observatory is designed as an internet relay of volcanic information among scientists and lay-people. I have taken every effort to provide you with detailed information concerning various topics in volcanology and related geology while not making it unreadable to those of you who are not already experts. The McClarren Internet Volcano Observatory is not a physical place; you can not visit it if you track me down- it is a virtual domain with no physical location. You can be assured that the information provided by this website is updated and accurate. Welcome to the observatory!

Volcanic News of the Past Week

The Volcano Repository
*Information on every named volcano in the solar system.

Basic Eruption Styles and Volcanic Characteristics

Basic Lava Formation and Composition Characteristics

Volcanic Hazards

Historic Volcanic Disasters

Tectonic Effects on Volcanism

Fluid Eruptions

Viscous Eruptions

Lava Flows

Volcanic Gasses

News Flash (as of 10/01/03)

This is all of the news for today.

Tungurahua in an elevated state of activity

New fissure opens at Piton de la Fournaise. Eruptions continues two days and ends 10/01

Ash Fall Characteristics


Pyroclastic Flows

Lava Domes and Coulees

The Process of Magma Ascent

Caldera Formation

Hydrothermal Activity and Contributions

Sub-Glacial Volcanics

Water and Lava (Island Formation)

Sills and Dikes

Extraterrestrial Volcanism

Magma Chambers

Limnic Eruptions

Ores Associated with Volcanism

Volcanic Deposits

Remote Sensing

Making Measurements

Volcano Slang

Volcanic Analogies

How to Read a Volcano

GVP's Archive of Volcanic Activity Reports

Archive of GVN Bulletins

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